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Weaver Lake

LOCATION: 50 km (30 mi) northeast of Mission
SURFACE AREA: 81 ha (200 ac)
MAX. DEPTH: 31.5 m (103.3 ft)
MEAN DEPTH: 13.3 m (43.6 ft)
ELEVATION: 260 m (853 ft)

Weaver Lake, located just off the South-West end of Harrison Lake, provides excellent fishing and provides the perfect opportunity for a family outing or weekend getaway.  The lake is surrounded by a dense
forest and consists of two basins with small islands and numerous bays connected by a shallow passageway. As is typical with many coastal lakes, the shorelines are wooded with downed and submerged trees offering both habitat and refuge for bugs and fish.  The lake is well known for the angler “user-friendly” trout that inhabit its depths.

The Rainbow Trout present in Weaver Lake range in size from 20–40 cm (8–16 in).  The Freshwater Fishery Society of BC annually stocks 6,000 yearling rainbows.  Additionally, the presence of a manmade spawning platform at the lake outlet encourages spawning and natural recruitment, adding to the fishery.

Please respect the angling closure of the spawning area as noted by the signs on the log booms.  The best time to fish Weaver Lake is during the spring and fall season.  If you are a fly-fishermen, use a floating fly line to deliver a small brown, black or green chironomid or try trolling black or green Doc Spratley flies with a sinking line.  For those with spinning gear, trolling a small Flatfish or Wedding Band tipped with a worm can be successful.  Additionally, fishing Powerbait or single salmon eggs on or near the bottom is a sure bet to some action.  This method can also be productive in the summer as the lake temperature increases and fish seek cooler water temperatures in some of the deeper sections in the western part of the lake.  In the fall, from mid-September to ice-on, which usually occurs in early November, the fishing will improve.  Try using a small leech or damselfly imitation on a slow sinking fly line or trolling a small Flatfish or Hotshot.  Trolling will allow you to effectively cover more of the lake as you search for fish.  If all else fails, bottom fishing with bait seems to always provide some success.

FACILITIES: Suitable for any type of small watercraft.  There is a boat launch located near the outlet.  A locked gate is on the road into Weaver Lake from October 15–March 15 each year; however, the lake itself is open year-round.  If you wish to fish the lake during this period you must walk in.  With the close proximity of this lake to the suburbs of the Lower Mainland, it can be a busy place during holiday weekends and summer months.

Species Guide: Rainbow Trout

Lat: 49.3509 Long: -121.8777
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